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Cooking in Season: classes

Hosted by Farmer Todd:  Todd has experience cooking both in restaurants as well as in the home.  He has a very close connection to his food and knows how to pair flavors to make his wonderful vegetables taste even better.  He will be using the fresh vegetables that he grows to show you the best ways to prepare them.
We're pleased to offer in-home cooking classes!  We will work with you to help you have a clear idea of the kinds of things that can be made with the ingredients that are in season at any time of year.  We will cover necessary tools (most meals can be made with 6 tools) and techniques for everyday meal preparation.  

We will try to focus the classes on seasonal ingredients and preparations and use techniques with broad culinary application.  Obviously we will be cooking with our fresh vegetables, but we can also do meat.

Choose from the following menu:
Stuffed Crepes
Hand Made Pasta

let us know if you prefer vegetarian or would like to use a meat of your choice.  If you would like your meat raised in a specific way please let us know and we will accommodate your request.

Basic pricing:  Class of 4 $300 (this includes the       
                    price of food if you are choosing a 
                    vegetarian meal, cost of meat will 
                    be additional)
                    Additional people will be $80/person