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Traditional CSA

This CSA is designed to put the Community into CSA.  It is available only as a farm pick up option.   We really want to connect you with the farm and to bring the farm into closer contact with the community.   Buying a share provides you with an opportunity to come out to see, feel, and experience the farm each week.

When you purchase a "share" in the traditional CSA you will receive a Rock Dove Farm Tote bag.  When you come to get your share, you get to fill the bag with your choice of the available veggies.  Some crops will be exclusively u-pick  There will be a selection of pre-harvested options as well.  

This CSA is designed to provide you with an opportunity to come out to the farm each week and experience a time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  The u-pick opportunity provides you a chance to select your own food and you always get the food you want.  It is great for people who want to put away food, but don't have the time or space to devote to their own garden.

In addition to the food you will have the opportunity to connect with the farm by volunteering.  With the purchase of one share, we ask that you provide a minimum of 2 hours of volunteer time on the farm.  We will send out requests when we have a need for volunteers, or you can let us know when you have time and we will provide tasks that need completed.

If need a ride or you are willing to provide a ride for someone else, please email us and we will help connect people for ride share opportunities.

$500/Membership (share) June 1st - Nov 23rd (25 weeks) ($20/week)
Orders must be in by April 1st 2016
Each week you can fill the bag with the produce that is available on the farm.  Below is a list of what we will be growing for the 2016 season.
Pre-harvested options as they are available
 Salad mix  Arugula
 Head Lettuce  Fennel
 Basil  Celery
 Escarole  Frisee
 Beets  Carrots
 Spring Radishes  Fall Radishes
 Cipollini Onions  Sweet Onions
 Parsley  Cilantro
 Salad Turnips  Storage Turnips
 Kale  Chard
 Broccoli Rabe  Chinese Cabbage
 Potatoes  Leeks

U-pick options as they are available
 Tomatillos  Ground Cherries
 Cherry Tomatoes  Slicing Tomatoes
 Paste Tomatoes  Peppers
 Shell Peas  Snap Peas
 Green Beans  Wax Beans
 Cucumbers  Dill
 Brussels Sprouts  Cabbage
 Cantaloupe  Watermelons
 Pie Pumpkins  Jack Pumpkins
 Gourds  Winter Squash

*limited to 2 quarts per week when available