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Eggplant likes hot weather but continues to be good well into the fall: July 21 - October 10

There are a number of great kinds of eggplant, some more suitable for different purposes than others. The larger Italian, French, and Spanish types are very suitable for roasting whole and breaking open once the interior is completely cooked and the skin is hardened into a shell. I like to put olive oil, garlic, salt, and a little vinegar, basically salad dressing, on the very cooked interior of the eggplant. 

I like to fry long Asian-type Eggplant and dress with soy and sugar; or honey, mint, and toasted sesame; or ginger and wasabi.

I like also, to take the very smallest eggplant, and roast them, or cut them in half and pickle them. There is an excellent recipe for this in Paul Bertolli's Chez Panisse cooking.