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Garlic will be available on a limited basis from 
August 15 - November 1 
This will be our first year of harvesting garlic and quantities will be limited.  Unlike most people, I treat garlic as vegetable, a featured ingredient in a meal. I like to cut across the top of a bulb, just low enough to open each clove, and roast it, serving a bulb or two per person at the table. 

I also make a soup where I clean and crush the cloves from two or three bulbs and cook them slowly in stock with a little diced carrot, diced celery, and a diced onion, until every thing is soft and colored, thickening the soup with an egg yolk in each of the bowls as I serve it and grating a little cheese over it.

You'll see garlic making an appearance in many of the recipes on this site.