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Bunched Spring Turnips are best in the spring, 
 May 7 - July 4

American Purple Top Turnips
Are best from September 15 - November 15
Turnips, like beets, are treated like more than one vegetable: the greens, young tender roots, and the larger mature roots. 

The greens can be treated like any Braising Mustard.  

The young roots are like meaty, less spicy Spring Radishes, and we like to prepare them much the same way. Though, unlike spring radishes, we often glaze them in hot oil (using a small amount of bacon fat).

The more traditional turnips (like the purple-tops) are good mixed with other vegetables as a roast, stir fry, saute, mash or stew. Try to keep them under one quarter of the total vegetables in any dish, as they can be quite strong sometimes.